Shine Outloud in all you do!

Get meaningful results in all aspects of your life – Mind, Body, Soul, Relationships, Career, Entrepreneurship and more!

"Your time has come to shine, all your dreams are on their way."
~Paul Simon

About ShineOutloud

The ShineOutloud Project is a collaborative effort to curate and amass quality self-development materials in diverse categories and to distribute them directly to you, the end user at no cost.

Our group of experts, teachers, and volunteers are all passionate about identifying the very best materials in formats that fit your busy lifestyle. 

Freely Available Resources include…

  • eBooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Workbooks
  • Checklists
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Plus Much More!

So how does FREE work?

It's actually pretty simple! Read the short FAQ section below to be sure you remain on our list and receive updates and notice of new free titles as they are added! …and so much more!

ShineOutloud FAQs

Yes! Early on we decided to eliminate “cost” as an excuse to put off learning a new skill or expanding one's potential. You can read about how a few friends started the ShineOutloud Project on our About Us page.

Not only are our resources FREE, we actually reward you for referring ShineOutloud to friends! See the next Question for details.

Our only requirement is simple (and obvious!)… In order to gain access to our growing library of resources you must be on our email list. After all, email is how we deliver the titles you request. We ask that you use the email address that you check most often as some titles have limited distribution and are only available via email. You can always remove yourself with a single click.

The ONLY restriction is you do not sell our materials. Licensing restrictions strictly specify that all materials you receive from us are for your personal use only. Most are marked as such and include our site name and/or logo.

Even though you can not sell our licensed materials, we encourage you to share them with friends! In fact – we have a very easy to use and lucrative referral system that rewards you for simply sharing ShineOutloud! 

We ask that you help us grow our Resource Library with suggestions of new categories and subjects by responding to short surveys a few times a year. Don't worry, our surveys are “blind” (no name required).

We are programmers and one of our long-term projects is the development of a “smart” AI assisted Newsletter that we intend to roll out to a select test group this year.

Imagine a newsletter that draws current content from over 3800 expert self-improvement sources and presents to each reader only articles that best reflect their interests based on article subjects they read most often.

Active ShineOutloud list members will be given first access. Like ShineOutloud, the Newsletter is completely free.

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