About the ShineOutloud Project

The ShineOutloud Project was born as a direct result of the Covid pandemic. Like many colleagues and friends, we found ourselves shut in and isolated, spending more and more time on Zoom calls where we shared advice about coping with the reality of the pandemic.  

As time went on, conversations about surviving covid began to fade away, and instead, we started discussing how we utilized our free time to identify and work on areas where we felt lacking or in need of improvement.

Our group of friends grew to include friends of friends, and it wasn't long before we were organizing and sharing a very impressive collection of self-help and personal development materials. Our collection of books, audio recordings, videos, and courses grew exponentially when we started to actively curate and purchase new works.

We decided to make our collection available at no cost, so you are invited and welcome to download and use our materials for free! All that we ask is that you share our Project with friends who may also find it helpful. (We will send you an email about how you can collect some valuable “Thank you” rewards as a show of our appreciation for sharing.)

The decision to make our growing collection of self-help resources available to all at no cost is self-serving in a way – but in a very good way.

Our long game plan… We are a group of programmers developing a “smart” newsletter in the self-help niche. It will be rolled out in 2024.

The weekly newsletter will pull timely and on-topic “news” feeds from more than 3800 self-help related websites and, based on each reader's learned interests, will deliver only news items tuned-in to that individual.

Imagine a newsletter emailed to thousands of people, each receiving a unique mix of news articles based on their reading preferences and past interactions. It's very possible that every person will see uniquely personalized newsletter content!

In the meantime, enjoy our library materials! New free titles will be emailed to you a few times each month.

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